Triad File: #774896
Ysvan Maninchov

Full Name

Kraioska Ysvan Ratin Maninchov

Date of Birth

14th Gold Leaf IP4 16




The Triad

Primary Training


Secondary and Tertiary Training

Linguistics and Politics

"I shall be the one to return The Triad to the correct path"

Ysvan is Radon's oldest friend and is a calm, friendly, level-headed individual with an aim to return The Triad to its true path.

Triad file: # 774896Edit

Name: Kraioska Ysvan Ratin Maninchov

Age: 27 (First Contact)

Race: Iehashtovorkian

Allegiance: Triad

Primary training: Marksman

Secondary training: Linguistics, Politics

Current residence: Triad HQ

Previous residence: Ratin, Iehashtovorkia

Current status: Active, Sectin


Unlike the rest of the Sectinate, Ysvan is neither royalty nor has a political background. He originally trained as a Seltrun but soon saw that The Triad was falling apart and now wishes, with Radon's help, to get it back on track. He is a calm and level-headed individual and has never been known to get angry or aggressive. Although he is a man of politics, Ysvan is one of The Triad's best marksman, training both Radon and Alayna. 


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