"This is not your fight King"

Vralon is a Lord of Earth, he has control over the element of lightning which made him the highest ranking of the other five lords. he only became second ranking after Kale was discovered to harness all of their powers but twice fold that even rivals a dragon's power (albeit not able to defeat them on power alone)

Triad file: # 543967Edit

Name: Vralon Larx


Race: Human

Allegiance: Shadow legions

Primary training: Lightning

Secondary training: none

Current residence: Shadow lands

Previous residence : Earth

Current status: Traitor


Vralon lost his memory as did the other lords and becuase of this he came up with a new name and life calling himself Vralon. Vralon is a resentful person as his life was torn away because of Kale and in respect to this he had betrayed Kale and almost killing him in the process. 


Vralon used to be called Max smith and was a teacher but when the black hole ripped through the Earth he was one of the lucky ones that fell through the gap in space landing (with no memory) on the dragon halo and adopting the name Vralon.

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