Torlan is an inhabited planet which was absorbed into the Triad 3,248 years ago when the Torlan'Dahk developed starships.

Planet Info[1]Edit

Name: Torlan

Age: 8 billion years

Parent Star: Torlan'ris

Orbital Period (Year): 349 Earth days

Rotational Period (Day): 24.016 Earth hours

Dominant Species: Zarrh, Torlan'Dahk, Kanak

Average Surface Temp: 23 degrees Celsius/196 Kelvin

Continents: 3: Torlan'Dahk'Fistra (better known as Torlan), Zarrhon, Kanachach

Moons: 3: Pictrin, Albitrion, Kalitis (literally translated peace, freedom and equality)

Political Info[2]Edit

Major Countries[3]Edit


System of Government: Populocracy

Population: 1.6 billion

Capital: Torlan'Dastron

Places of Interest: Mistglade, Dastron Bridge, the White Sea

The most technologically and socially advanced country on the planet, Torlan is the only nation on the continent of the same name. Most of its citizens are Torlan'Dahk, but 700 million of its inhabitants are immigrants from other Triad races. It is the only country on Torlan which is officially in the Triad. Its inhabitants stick rigidly to the laws of the Ancient Triad, believing themselves to be one of the few uncorrupted nations in the Triad.

The Empire of KanachachEdit

System of Government: Monarchy Population: 750 million

Capital: Breesavok

Places of Interest: Fort Savok, Yinnaklok Abyss

Kanachach has not yet developed spacecraft but in likely to do so in the next few centuries. The Kanachach Empire is populated only by the avian Kanak and some Zarrh which have been absorbed into the empire. The whole of the continent of Kanachach is under Imperial rule, as are parts of Zarrhon. The Kanachach Empire has contacted the nation of Torlan, but Torlan has strict laws concerning the Kanak that prevent the sharing of technology, so the Kanachach Empire just coexists peacefully with Torlan without contacting them much.

The Zarrh TribesEdit

System of Government: Tribal Population: 2 billion

Capital: various

Places of Interest: The Stone Coast, Zarrh-fjaranar

The Zarrh are a sub-species of Leichofehake-n that inhabit the desert continent of Zarrhon. They live in hundreds of tribes that fight constant wars against each other and the Kanachach Empire. Their technology has developed very slowly, though those tribes that have contacted the Kanachach Empire have assimilated some of their technology. The largest of the tribes have evolved into small nations with large cities and rigid sysems of government, but most are scattered tribes that fight amongst themselves.

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