"You seriously think a crazy old man, a computer technician, an eight year-old and... me can purify an ancient organisation that controls and protects the whole universe?"


The Triad's Eye is a secret society (although some call them terrorists) dedicated to fighting corruption in the Triad. It currently has six founding members, all of whom are survivors of the destruction of Ignos and have thus experienced the terror of tyranny and intolerance first-hand, as well as several dozen others who joined up after the group acquired its headquarters. They all believe in the three virtues of Peace, Freedom and Equality and prefer not to kill in order to achieve their goals, although it does sometimes come to that.  They are not alone in their struggle, as the Torlan'incornion, among other powerful groups, support them. They have committed many crimes against the Triad, but, as one of their members is also involved in Project Alpha-Beta-Alpha, have been granted some leniency in fear of Velgor resingning from PABA and becoming a full renegade. The Triad's Eye is based in Caer Annwyn, where they are much respected, perhaps to the point that their persecution could plunge the Triad into civil war.


Velgor Stellariath

Eskyriax Godhater

Sirekka Kinian

Pleinac Ruitnoc

Addaon Ennayad

Morwenna, daughter of Tanwen

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