Triad file: Olympian Edit


Made by:Terran Republic

Model: 7-X Destroyer type Z


A.I: E.V.I

Armament: Zero-point Nuetrino Rail cannon, 150 forward Plasma cannons, 8 aft Rail cannons, 10 sqaudrons of Saval fighters, Red matter (self-collapsing) torpedoes, Dual Ryft beam arrays.

Crew: 3500 (Skeleton crew 1000)

First appearence: Terra book one

Background Edit

Harnessing the Zero-point engergy weapons and engines its speed and fire power can take down dreadnoughts with relative ease. built over the past 5 years its claimed 3 lives to build and 15 serious injuries to make it fly. Its first launch caused quite a commontion as the front cannon was accidently triggered during flight and almost created a hole in the atmosphere.

Name after the last letter worlds gods, it is the final and biggest line of attack and holds ups to 3500 crew members. orignally intended for Captain L.Jones to command, its function was changed as Aiden became the High Admiral and required it to take him to Skarrapraech for peace talks, it was attacked just before jumping to FTL speed by a dreadnought although taken by surpise it survived and completely annhialated the opposite ship.