The Cygnus is a refurbished X-83 Raven given to Radon as a bribe from The Triad to get him to join P.A.B.A.

Triad file: #T.C.S.SCyg382

Name: T.C.S.S Cygnus (T.C.S.S stands for Triad Cruising Space Station)

Made by: Carpathian Aerospace (Ie) and 

Model: X-83 Raven

Engines: Ion-Propulsion (sub-light), Infinity Drive (FTL)

A.I: S.A.C.H.A, 500 123-core processors

Armament: 10 Dark-matter 'Striker' cannons, 200 photon launchers, 2 Anti-matter guns, f.E.M.P (focused Electromagnetic Pulse), E.M.P.

Crew: 300+ (Full capacity), 35 ("Stealth" Protocol)

First appearence: First Contact


The X-83 Raven was first introduced during the Calagan wars. Their predecessor, the R-65, was used in the first few months and was smaller than the X-83 and therefore was mainly used for reconaissance. The introduction of the X-83 meant that both recon and deep-space combat missions were possible without having to shell out on expensive deep-space fighters. The Cygnus itself was a late addition to the Iehashtovorkian fleet, serving only three weeks and one mission before the war ended and all X-83s were either retired or cannabalised for the creation of other craft. The Cygnus was mothballed for 700 years before being refurbished for use as a modern space station.


The Cygnus is classed as a deep-space cruising station and so has no landing capabilities but has a craft capacity of 375 landing craft, 200 fighter craft and 573 maintainence craft. It is crewed by 300+ personell although it has protocols that allow a minimum crew of 35. Its central OS and A.I were written by Radon and is run from 10 blocks of 50 main servers containing 123-core processors.

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