WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding the story of the Triad's Eye novels.

Triad file: #092738Edit

Name: Khaeriel Ghatalis

Date of birth: MP3 728

Race: Aelvorian

Allegiance: Himself, the Tyrant Legions (formerly Triad)

Primary training: Leadership

Current residence: Scerak

Ship: The Brilliance

Current status: Tyrant Lord


Khaeriel is the leader of Aelvorius. He is sly, manipulative and extremely intelligent, and cares for nobody but himself. He does not like being part of a larger organisation like the Triad or the Tyrant Legions, but understands that it is necesary for the survival of his empire.

Khaeriel is not a powerful fighter, preferring to rely on his twin sons Acro and Adra to fight in his name. He has told both his sons that the one he likes best will inherit the position on leader from him when he dies. What Acro and Adra don't realise is that Khaeriel does not plan on dying and is trying to find the key to eternal life.


Khaeriel was born in Scerak, the capital of Aelvorius, to Estilla and Tihar Ghatalis. As a child, he was extremely unpleasant (he still is today) and enjoyed seeing other children get hurt. As a result, he was expelled from school and did not have a proper education. When Khaeriel was fifteen, he went to Triad academy where he studied politics as his non-military subject and assassination as his military subject. When he left academy, he joined a sect of Aelvorian outlaws known as the Illuminators. When Khaeriel was 26, he organised the Illuminators into a political party. With clever mainpulation, Khaeriel ensured that the Illuminators won the next election. Soon after winning the election, he married Mersina, another illuminator, and had twin sons with her who were named Acro and Adra.

The Aelvorian Empire flourished under Khaeriel's rule, and they also won the next two elections. After that, Khaeriel got the other Illuminators to ensure that they never lost power by killing the opposition. Most of the Aelvorian citizens didn't mind, though some of them, seeing that this was going to go wrong, fled to other, safer parts of the Triad. Khaeriel continued to rule, becoming increasingly imperialistic and oppressive. While there were many rumours of Khaeriel's regime breaking the laws of the Triad, no hard proof could be held against him and his son Adra continued to represent Aelvorius in the Sectinate. Six years ago, however, the Triad's Eye managed to bring conclusve proof to the Triad Headquarters. The Sectinate originally voted to remove Khaeriel from leadership and keep Aelvorius in the Sectinate, but Khaeriel voluntarily withdrew Aelvorius from the Triad and joined the Tyrant Legions.

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