The Academy is an institute set up during the second main period designed to train and tutor the elite of The Triad's military, the unstoppable force known simply as the Seltruns.


During the early years of the second main period, an Elson Warlord called Gezjiktos Asakasan Calateri was employed by The Triad to advise them on military matters. The Gezjiktos introduced an idea that had been used by the Elson for many centuries, train 100 young cadets to become the most powerful fighting force in the military. These soldiers were called Seltruns, which is Elsonian for 'elite souls'. The first cohort was trained on Mongra, in the Efelfethen-carshatitos, the Elsonian war chambers, and were chosen from upwards of 10,000 applicants. Due to the success of the program, The Triad moved the training area to HQ a few years in. This was the founding of The Academy, whose true name has been lost to history. All Seltruns have been trained there ever since.


Entry into The Academy is difficult. The Triad requires hopeful cadets to undergo many physical and mental tests and pass of them. To fail even one test by a small margin means no entry for three more years. The only person in recorded history to break this rule was Radon Temporum-Drakus, and that was by a political hitch orchestrated by the top end of The Academy's hierarchy. The tests are spread out over a three year compulsory training period, which is carried out by the applicant's mentor, and a lengthy application form must be filled in by both applicant and mentor. The applicant must also have an excellent academic record consisting of top grades, 100% attendance and perfect punctuality. Finally, the applicant must attend an interview, the details of which are a closely guarded secret and are changed every year.

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