Origins and UsageEdit

Telepathy is the ability for a mind to directly interact with other minds. Its effectiveness depends on the intelligence and willpower of the telepath, as well as how much training they receive. It occurs naturally in most races, though some races, such as Humans and non-sentient animals, are not naturally telepathic, though hybrids between a telepathic and a non-telepathic race are capable of telepathy. All living creatures, however, can resist the efforts of a telepath, and some creatures with very alien minds, such as Shargaromalum and non-sentients are completely immune to mortal, sentient telepaths. Many telepaths are also telekines, as both types of power rely on a strong mind. Telepathy is often confused with soul magic, but there is an important difference; telepathy temporarily alters a creature's mind but does not change the essence of their being, whereas soul magic can alter somebody's soul, thereby changing who they are.

Telepathy can be used in various ways. It can be used to explore other people's minds, either to read their broad emotions or to find out exactly what they are thinking, although the latter is very difficult and will not make the telepath popular with the person whose mind is being read. An even more difficult thing to achieve is actually influencing a person's thoughts. A more common application of telepathy is communication without speech. Most people prefer not to do this unnecessarily as it can result in stray thoughts entering the conversation.