'A war is like fire, hard to control and almost impossible to predict but when you see the patterns its simple as saying 1, 2, 3. That is why I'm so good at Pyromancy.'

Triad file: # 129546Edit

Name: Tar'ren Haclis

Age: 193 (First Contact)

Race: Mustaran: Farin

Allegiance: The Triad

Primary training: Conflict Stratgies

Secondary training: Pyromancy

Current residence: Mustar, or Triad HQ

Current status: Deputy Sectin/ Head of Military of Mustar 


Proud, intelligent and very agressive,Tar'ren Haclis is a legend in his own right. Born on Sivirus a small Mustaran mining colony, he used his outstanding skills for Pyromancy and intelligence for creating war stratgies to claw and drag his way to reach Deputy Secin and head of the Mustaran military.

He also holds one of the six titles of Pyromantic Master which is only given to pyromancers who manged to surrive a blast of Pure Fire which burns to a temperature equivalent of a red giant, and has won 14 Pyromatnic Mutiverse championships, making him the most renowed Pyromancer of the current age.

He is also one of the greatist minds when it comes to forminulating battle stratiges and predicting the enemy exact intentions and movement, and will use this to create an advantage. In his entire time as the Head of Mustaran military the Mustarans have only seen one conflict failure in his time, which was the Bombardment of Orion Auros because King Gallon did not listen to his sugestions or advice. 




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