Triad File # 112935EditEdit

Name: Solin

Approximate Triad population: 6,000,000,000

Approximate Tyrant population: 700,000,000,000

Approximate neutral population: 2,000

Total population: 706,000,000,000 

Homeworld: Sevek'th 

Average lifespan: 22 years

Notable individuals: N/A many die of age before they become to known. 


Solins are a insect race, manly small and built for squeezing into small holes such as their hives and their other buildings. There are thousands of types of Solin and its hard to give them an overall pysiology, but many traits can be seen in many of them such as wings; addititonal limbs; hardened skin plates or several pairs of eyes. A very common trait though, is that a majority of them have four legs to keep them balanced while standing and a unquie patteren formes into their skin which they use to identfy each other. However their short lives has allowed them to adapt quickly to surroundings which could kill longer lived speices.       


Only in the last three hundread years have the Solins entered into the Mutiverse, due to their slow scienftic advance because of a short lifespan and each new generation restarting their predecessors work. From entering the Mutiverse near Tyrant space, the Solins where from the beginning quickly inducted into the Tyrant Legions before they met the Triad. They became a source of cheap labour and became a slave race for them, either being cannon fodder in battle or being miners on worlds to harsh for other races to other demeaning things. Though force, induction of young and the short lifespan many Solins feels this is their place in life and many are happy enouth to serve the Legion. However, a small handful of Solins manged to escape this way of life shortly after finding out about another faction, the Traid. With this new race approching them for help and being told of the Legions forced slavery on their people, the Triad began talking about a full invasion on the Legion to help librate them. However the idea was quickly dimissed, with the idea that if the Solins was allowed to enter the community the large population would deversate the Traids resources. It was then decided to keep the Solins that had escaped the Legion and provided them with a home with a birth control policy that a pair of Solins where only allowed two children of their own.   

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