"Welcome to Skarrapraech."

Skarrapraech is an artificial planet similar to Triad HQ except that it features an obsidian shield known as the exo-crust to accomadate for the Drakangais subterranian nature and to shield the main planet from prying eyes. The planet itself was created by the Ancients and the Mustarans as compensation for the loss of Skarrabox, the Drakangais original homeworld.

Planet InfoEdit

Name: Skarrapraech (Life Gift)/ Mont IV

Age: 50,000

Parent Star: Mont

Orbital Period (Year): 360 Earth days

Rotational Period (Day): 30 Earth hours

Dominant Species: Drakanae

Average Surface Temp: 193 Kelvin (20 celcius)

Angle to the Ecliptic: 30 degrees

Continents: None

Moons: None

Political InfoEdit

Governmental system: Democracy

Countries: Kispara, Minara, T'hashpara, Magmare, Kaiotika, Akalie, Djan-zen'tos