"Magic is fun, but computers are sublime."

Triad file: # [139043]Edit

Name: Sirekka Kinian

Date of birth: IP3 4

Race: Aelvorian

Allegiance: Triad's Eye

Primary training: Digital technology

Secondary training: Elemental magic

Current residence: Torlan'Dastron

Previous residence: Ignos, Essyne


Despite the traumas she has experienced, Sirekka Kinian is almost perpetually cheerful and optimistic, even in the most hopeless of situations. She prefers to be called 'Rek', which everyone in the Triad's Eye, as well as her other friends and relatives, call her.

Although Rek is a decent elementalist and enjoys creating spectacular displays of fire and lightning, she is not that powerful a mage and is incapable of holding her own against more than one or two adversaries. Rek's real talent, and her primary role in the Triad's Eye, lies in understanding and manipulating computers and other robotic devices. There are very few systems which, given enough time, she cannot hack into and control. Because of this, she is a very valuable member of her group.


Rek was born in the city of Essyne on Aelvorius, but moved to Ignos at the age of sixteen, when Khaeriel came to power. When Ignos was razed two years later, she managed to escape to Torlan with the other fifty or so survivors. On Torlan, she adopted Morwenna, another of the survivors of Ignos, and has since become both her carer and friend. Rek has joined the Triad's Eye with the aim of fighting tyranny and intolerance wherever it exists.

Interactions with other characters[1]Edit

Velgor "Come on, cheer up!"

Rek finds Velgor's matter-of-fact attitude a bit too serious at times, but otherwise respects him as a friend and a powerful ally.


"I like you already, Eskyriax Godhater. Something tells me we're going to be great friends."

Eskyriax is Rek's best friend in the Triad's Eye. As they are the two oldest members, they often see themselves as parent figures to the rest of the group. The other Triad's Eyes find this very annoying as they are perfectly capable of looking after themselves.

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