"Godslayer shall rise and serve me in my new empire" Shan-dor to P.A.B.A

Triad file #536498Edit

Name: Shan-dor Kalvieri

Race: Shadow Dragon/Shargaromalum hybrid

Age: 654

Alliegence: Tyrant Legions (Leader and Founder)

Primary training: Demonology

Secondary training: Diplomacy and Linguistics

Current residence: Shadow Lands, The Dragon Halo

Previous residence: See above

Ship: T.S.S Alcatraz

Current status: Tyrant Lord, active

Danger level: Extremely high, specialists to deal with him only!


Shadow Temple LordEdit

Before Shan-dor was tempted by Godslayer, he was one of the four Shadow Temple Lords of The Shadow Lands.


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Interactions with other charactersEdit

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