Triad file: # 664182Edit

Name: Anx Rako

Date of Birth: MP3 730, Day 335

Race: Mustaran (Enly)

Allegiance: Triad

Primary training: Archery

Secondary training: Warrior

Current residence: Triad HQ

Previous residence: Enlyen

Ship: The Silver Arrow

Current status: Seltrun


Seltrun Anx Rako is in many ways the ideal Seltrun. Loyal to the Triad first and foremost, Rako is a brave, experienced fighter who respects his superiors and believes in the importance of discipline and honour. He is serious and has a matter-of-fact attitude, caring little for anything other than his career as a Seltrun. Rako has few friends, especially after his original team was destroyed, but is close to Sectin Emanon Invara, who he went to Academy with.

Rako is an extremely elite fighter who has unparalleled skill with both his bow and his two shortswords. His artificial eye, which he gained when his real eye was destroyed on the mission where his team was slain, allows him to find the range and likely displacement between him and his target.


Anx Rako was born to a poor Enlyen family, but displayed characteristics of pragmatism, loyalty and seriousness since an early age. His family sent him to the Triad Academy, both to save money and to bring honour to the family name. Anx passed the test with flying colours, and was the envy of his year throughout his training. He got assigned to a team with four of his best friends from the Academy, including Invara, and his team was one of the greatest in the Triad, being assigned the most difficult missions available and succeeding. A few years after graduating, Invara left the team to go into international politics. The remainder of the team continued to be one of the most decorated in the Triad, until they were sent to Kiln during the Demon incursion of IP3 29. Their mission was to slay the Demon King at the heart of the incursion. The Shargaromalum overwhelmed Rako's team, cutting them down one by one, until Rako managed fired an explosive arrow at the Demon King's head, slaying it but only at the cost of the last of his teammates, who died protecting him from the lesser Demons. Rako was found unconscious after the incursion, one of his eyes damaged beyond repair, and was bought back to HQ for healing. In the following seven years, Rako operated as a solo agent, continuing his illustrious career, until the Academy saw it fit to assign him two apprentices. Rako was none too happy about this, but, ever the good soldier, accepted the apprentices and swore to take good care of them.

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