Triad file: # 123324Edit

Name: Amyfex Makarides 

Age: 190

Race: Enly

Allegiance: The Triad 

Current residence: Stabillity Palace, Mustar

Current status: Queen of the Mustaran Empire and Triad Sectin


Seen as strong willed and fiercely loyaly to her subjects, Queen Amyfex gained the title Queen of Mustar by marrying Gallon Makarides. Reaching just over 5ft and known for her crimsion hair she is a serious and calculating when she needs to be, and as Queen she understood the position of the Mustarans in the Triad as the millitary might and on more then one occasion has had to make hard decisions which has cuased the death of millions or reduced whole planets to dust. She covers these's burdens though kind smiles and extreme durbility and in the eyes of her people as loyal and strong as a Farin, intelligent as an Enly and quick as a Aquferin. 

She is also other the Sectin for Mustar, but due to the demands of the throne she has Tar'ren Haclis, the Head of the Mustarn Millitary act as a deputy and her voice, fully trusting him to do what she would in his place and finds him a better suited to the role of a Sectin who main job is the safeguard the Triad.

Above all her other titles she is a mother too, with one child; Princess Raylow. Whom have always had a rockly relationship and was seen more of a Daddy's girl, which was true untill Gallon betrayed them and joined the Tyrant Legions and the two began to bond much closely. 


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