"In the depths of dark Reiminus were these foul beings born"

Triad file # 666754Edit

Name: Faraan Faylax/Psychovores

Place of Origin: Reiminus The Soulforge, Shargaron

Creator: Godslayer

First appearence (Lore): Pre-Triad history

First appearence (Books): The Awakening (Mentioned only), First contact (Seen)


Deep within the bowls of The Soulforge, Godslayer infused Shargaromalum, Spirit and Ryft entity to form a race of creatures that existed for one purpose only: To eradicate sentient life. The creatures achived this by feasting on the psykic and neurological imprints left on the Aether by sentient life, rendering their victims braindead. This earned them the name Faraan Faylax or Psychovore depending on the civilisation.

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