Triad File #096Edit

Name: Pluthinian

Approximate Triad population: 5,000,000,000

Approximate Tyrant population: 13,000,000,000

Approximate neutral population: Less than 1,000

Total population: 18,000,000,000

Homeworld: Pluthinar

Average lifespan: 92

Notable individuals: Pleinac Ruitnoc, Azara Calchis (Autocrat of Terrora Tyrannis)


The Pluthinians closely resemble other humanoid species, with skin of varying shades of brown and typically longer and faster-growing hair than other races. They have very long, pointed ears, the tips of which can detect radioactivity, which is abundant on the Pluthinian homeworld of Pluthinar. Unusually for a mammal race, the females are, on average, taller and more muscular than the males, averaging a height of 2 metres, whereas the males average 1.7. Some believe this is a quirk of nature, whereas others theorise it is because of the dangerous nature of Pluthinar, where females have to be able to protect themselves and their children. Pluthinians grow up much more quickly than other races, being fully grown at two years of age, and also remain in their prime until the age of about 80, when they start to deteriorate rapidly.


The physical superiority of female Pluthinians, as well as them being able to bear children, led to the females being considered the better sex throughout Pluthinian history. Triad Pluthinians have mostly abandoned this idea, however, as have many Liberators, though there remains a lot of prejudice against men in Terrora Tyrannis.

Pluthinians are one of the warrior cultures of the Universe, but unlike the Leichofehake-n, who rush blindly into battle, and the Mustarans, who believe in virtues such as honour and loyalty, the Pluthinians believe that pure military might and discipline are the keys to winning any war, taking a very pragmatic approach to warfare. Their soldiers are the most ruthless and composed in the Universe, knowing no fear and no compassion. Pluthinians will fight either until they win, or until it is no longer profitable for them to continue fighting; defeat is an alien concept to them, and losing a battle is simply not a sensible option for Pluthinian warriors.

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