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Triad file: # 139045Edit

Name: Pleinac Ruitnoc

Date of Birth: IP3 29

Race: Pluthinian

Allegiance: Triad's Eye

Primary training: Soldier

Secondary training: Marksmanship

Current residence: Torlan'Dastron

Previous residence: Ignos


Pleinac is the youngest member of the Triad's Eye, but, being a Pluthinian, was fully grown at the age of two and is thus just as mature as the other members (and also taller than most). Pleinac is stubborn, pessimistic and almost always in a bad mood, but is also practical, to the point and extremely loyal to the other members of the Triad's Eye. She can be relied upon to complete any long, difficult task her friends ask her to do (though not without many complaints). She is also the most trigger-happy of the Triad's Eye, and is only ever in a good mood when fighting. She does share the others' dislike of killing, of course, but when she encounters someone truly evil she will not hold back.

Pleinac's weapon of choice is a rail repeater, and she has trained hard to perfect her aim. She will resort to using her axe when fighting hand-to-hand, but is far more effective at range.


Pleinac was born in Ignos to Avasar Theros and Cuina Ruitnoc. She was only four months old when Ignos was destroyed, so she does not remember its destruction. She escaped to Torlan with both parents, and is thus the only member of the Triad's Eye who still retains both her parents.

When Eskyriax decided to put together the Triad's Eye, Pleinac was the third member (including himself) he recruited. She does not have any personal vendettas against the corrupt members of the Triad, but was eager to take up arms agaist them nonetheless and joined the group almost unquestioningly.

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