"Mustar, the planet of impossibilities."

Formed little over 7 billion years ago by one of the first gods in attempt to out do nature, Mustar is a planet split into three different regions that seem to exist together without ripping itself apart. One being the volcanic planes in the north, the stone equator and the tropic and frozen wastelands of the south. But before the demise of the gods, the creator placed the Ancient of fire; Amythest as a guardian to keep his work safe from others that may want to ruin its unique form. 

Planet Info Edit

Name: Mustar/ Giron IV 

Age: 7.1 billion

Parent Star: Giron 

Orbital Period (Year): 370 Earth days

Rotational Period (Day): 26.4 Earth hours

Dominant Species: Mustarans

Average Surface Temp: 213 Kelvin (40 degrees) 

Angle to the Ecliptic: 12 degrees

Continents: The North, The Equator and The South

Moons: Gallon and Ith

Political InfoEdit

Governmental system: Democratic Monarchy

Countries: Faria, Enlyen, Aqwerin

Number of Provinces: 15, (5 per country)

Capital City: Orion Auros


Name: Faria

Population: 5,000,000,000

Provinces: Acemia, Jeuen, Kiln, Mevern, Backing, Sinto (city province)

Capital: Sinto

Name: Enlyen

Population: 2,000,000,000

Provinces: Henun, Genvor, Barat, Bleen, Tlool, Orion Auros (city province)

Capital: Orion Auros

Name: Aqwerin

Provinces: Seem, Otog, Kavin, Posid, Fallcoast (city province)

Capital: Fallcoast

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