Names (Rank respective)Edit

Kale Jones

Vralon Larx






Each lord holds the five main elements of earth.

Fire: Margma holds this power because of his firey nature not to mention at the point of the dimension jump he was in the middle of a fire as he is a fire fighter and it melded with him.

Water: Hydro holds this power because of her cool yet unstoppable nature. unlike Margma she was not near water but rather a relection of her nature.

Air: Aieron is the holder, she was allways light hearted but she was almost choking to death as the black hole emerged and when she slipped through space the thing she needed most became the thing she would use to help others.

Earth: Ragnarock is the holder of this power, his demenor was rock hard and he would not budge from any spot he was said to protect. before the jump he was a body guard and known as John *the rock* James. he is the most stubborn of the group.

Lightning: Vralon is the powerhouse of the five, able to call lightning at will he can wreak havoc among any race and he uses the fear of a painful death to terrorise the people the Lords try to protect.

Kale: Kale on the other hand is a mystery. he never had contact with these people but being at the epicenter must of absorbed the power of those who got the same but twice as powerful. the other Lords call him king although Kale wants no such title he will still lead them in the time of need. Vralon was agaisnt him from the start and and when he betrayed Kale, Kale used his power to strip him of any powerful magic and cursed him forsaken so he may not corrupt or hurt any other lord.

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