Triad File #016Edit


Approximate Triad population: 9,000,000,000

Approximate Tyrant population: 68,000,000,000

Approximate neutral population: 41,000,000,000

Total population: 118,000,000,000

Homeworld: Leicho'fjaranar'wenticoplosus'siaonaher-restingher'uinathornok-yttrobalninis

Average lifespan: 55 years

Notable individuals: Frinzflagoriatis (founder of Frinzism), Korgarvatondonda The Large (Warlord of Leicho'fjaranar)


The Leichofehake-n, having developed in many separate areas and even planets, come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. For example, the Avinnak of Leicho'fjaranar are only about 1.2 metres tall and are speedy and agile, whereas the Zarrh of Torlan are hulking, belligerent beasts of over 2.5 metres in length. The dominant species on Leicho'fjaranar, the Leicho, are about 1.9 metres tall, powerfully built and more intelligent than most species. All Leichofehake-n have reptilian features, including scaled skin, tails and a greater strength than most mammalian races. They can stand on to legs and have functional hands, but can operate equally well on all fours, which gives them greater speed and the ability to climb up steep surfaces quickly.


The Leichofehake-n are one of the most abundant races in the Main Universe, with sub-species native to eight different planets spread throughout the Universe. There are various theories as to why this is so; those who believe in the Gods theorise that the Leichofehake-n were an experiment to see how the same life-forms would develop in radically different conditions. Atheists more commonly believe that they were spread throughout the Universe hundreds of millenni ago by the Shargaroth or perhaps the Colyopterans.

Leichofehake-n have an inborn hatred for rules and authority, either strict laws or ethics and morality, and thus the attitude of certain Liberator sects appeals to them. Many Leichofehake-n dislike the Liberators as well, however, and are neutral in the struggle between the two factions, whereas a few unusual Leichofehake-n can temper their minds enough to commit to Triad laws. All Leichofehake-n make great warriors because they are physically able and do no fear death, instead seeing it as being freed from the rules that bind the living. They do not respect battlefield discipline so are usually segregated from the rest of the army in which they fight, but the sight of a Leichofehake-n horde charging towards an enemy battleline can cripple them phychologically even before the Leichofehake-n unleash unbridled fury on their enemy, and sometimes even each other when the red mist descends upon them.

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