Kris Green
SAM 0022

Full Name

Kristopher Richard Green

Date of Birth

2nd February 1996





Character(s) Developed

Radon Temporum-Drakus, Ysvan Maninchov

Kristopher Richard Green, born 2nd Feb 1996, is the unappointed leader and one of the two founders of the Apocalyptica team, with the other being Brogan Pryor. Kris is currently studying Physics, Chemistry and Maths at Consett Academy Sixth Form.


Pre ApocalypticaEdit

Ever since he can remember, Kris has been a social outsider. He never really got on with anyone his own age and this resulted in him developing ideas based on T.V. shows, films and video games that eventually led to the development of Apocalyptica. When he was 8 , he made friends with Leo Mayhew, who added his own ideas to the growing pool. Eventually, at the age of 11, all of the ideas culminated in the creation of an early version of Radon and the beginnings of Apocalyptica. He then moved up into Secondary school, where he and Leo befriended Brogan Pryor. Brogan then introduced the Mustarans and became the second founder of Apocalyptica. A year later Noah de Miranda joined the group and set about removing all the unoriginal ideas, thus purifying the idea pool.

Early-Development PhaseEdit

With all of the unoriginal ideas ousted, Kris started to focus on developing some new races whilst fine-tuning Radon and the Drakange in the process. At the age of fourteen, and faced with the knowledge that the group may not stay together after they left for college, Kris decided that the ideas were ready to go public and pitched the idea of turning the ideas into a video game and a set of books. The rest of the group agreed to help and the writing of the first book, The Legend of Skarrabox, was put into action. Three months later, due to certain circumstances, the book was scrapped and a new one was planned. After that failed as well, Kris and Brogan set off on their own to write the books. The result of this decision was First Contact and the beginning of the main development phase.

Main-Development PhaseEdit

Now at college, Kris had some more time to write First Contact and develop the ideas within. However, due to unforseen problems, Kris had to move from Cornwall and back to Consett, which he had left when he was three months old. This meant that he could only communicate with Brogan via email. Tired of waiting for the next chapter, Kris started to write a prequel to First Contact. This then developed into The Academy Saga.

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