Hailing from Kaiotika, the Kaios and Elaktunaer Drakane are collectively known as Keleshtria (Celestial, Stellar) Drakanae due to their metallic colouring and long, snaking bodies.


Unlike other Kelsa (Large, stocky) Drakanae, the Keleshtria resemble the Asian Lung with long flowing bodies, metallic fur, large silver horns and arrow-headed tails. They also lack wings and so must use their intrinsic magic to fly. As recorded in the Drakanae Genelitrias, the Drakaninan sub-species classification system, the only difference between a Kaios and a Elaktunaer is the colour of their fur. Kaios have fur that is either bronze, gold or a deep metallic orange whereas Elaktunaer have metallic blue, indigo or violet fur. Kaios also tend to be the larger of the two sub-species, with a preference of solitude over communal living.

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