Triad file: # 689052Edit

Name: Jiang Hao

Date of Birth: IP3 21, day 82

Race: Human (Yggdrasilian)

Allegiance: Triad

Primary training: Haemomancy

Current residence: Triad HQ

Previous residence: Feng-Du, Holy Imperium of Yggdrasil

Current status: Seltrun, Active


Hao is very unsure of himself, and the jeweled history of his mentor, Anx Rako, and the confidence of his team-mate Eleni Gzan-Drai, serve to make this even worse. He is prone to making mistakes, which, as he is a healer, is not such a great thing. Hao gets frustrated very easily and has an inferiority complex that has a habit of irritating the rest of his team. He is not as good at following orders as the others in his team, and often complains when he disagrees with an order he has been given.

Hao's healing abilities are mediocre at best, but nevertheless he is in important asset to his team, as he is better than nothing. Hao wants to avoid fighting his enemies head on as he has very little battle-skill.


Hao was born to a pair of factory workers from Feng-Du who were treated even worse than usual by their Genlor boss. Hao's mother managed to escape and take him to the Holy Imperium of Yggdrasil, and, while she was deported early on by the Orthodox Party's Illegal Migrant Hunting Authority, Hao was left in an orphanage. He was treated well there, and the orphanage encouraged their children to apply to Triad Academy. Hao got in despite the formidable competition in his year, believing there must have been some sort of fault in the administration. Nevertheless, he took advantage of this and saw it as an opportunity to make a life for himself. He was assigned to Anx Rako's team, and trained with him before being sent on a mission to investigate the Triad's Eye.

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