Triad File #005Edit

Name: Iehashtovorkian (Thelkvanen Iehashtovorianasatin)

Approximate Triad population: 3,000,009,000

Approximate Tyrant population: <10,000

Approximate neutral population: 0

Total population: 4,000,000,000

Homeworld: Iehashtovorkia

Average lifespan: 90 years

Notable individuals: Kraioska Ysvan Ratin Maninchov, Relina Alayna Tjeska Kurinav, Khainan Mordrax Tjeska Kurinav


In most ways, Iehashtovorkians are very similar to humans except that they are taller and generaly have light blonde or black hair. They are also slightly taller, ranging from 6' to 6'6.



All Iehashtovorkians have four names; Birth Name, Chosen Name (chosen at 10 years), Village Name and Caste name. Why they chose this system is unknown. The birth name is usually the name of an ancestor of some renown, but this is not a definate. The chosen name is chosen by the individual at the age of 10 and is usually the name they go by for the rest of their life. Not all Iehashtovorkians choose their name at 10 (Mordrax chose his when he was 19) and it can be anything they like.


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