"Iehashtovorkia: The land where the inhabitants are total pricks and named it something near unpronouncable"

Aside from The Dragon Halo, Iehashtovorkia is the only habitable planet in the Mont System.

Planet InfoEdit

Name: Iehashtovorkia/ Mont IV

Age: 8.34 billion

Parent Star: Mont

Orbit Type: Elliptical

Orbital Period (Year): 378 Earth Days

Rotational Period (Day): 28 Earth hours

Dominant Species: Iehashtovorkians

Average Surface Temp: 188 Kelvin (15 celcius)

Angle to the Ecliptic: 25 degrees

Continents: Rynatas, Moscovia, Gertalyn, Hyspinatras

Moons: Vashkar

Political InfoEdit

Governmental system: Democracy

Countries: Elt, Capistrano, Carpathia, Devlos, The Arctic Corridor

Number of provinces: 20 (5 per country excepting T.A.C which is barren)


Name: Elt

Population: 1,000,000,000

Provinces: Vladikanatov, Tjygozatan, Romulakaj, Utos, Reskan

Capital: Justak, Rsk

Places of Interest: Norgarigak Palace, Uts

Name: Capistrano

Population: 1,000,000,000

Provinces: Lok, Ygnas, Kistrak, Vilat, Novia

Capital: Minroth, Ygn

Places of Interest: Mrolan's Head Beach, Ygn

Name: Carpathia

Population: 1,000,000,000

Provinces: Ysvanikjash, Uji, Kopratys, Athenykos, Krakatonik

Capital: Ratin, Ysv

Places of Interest: The Ghost Tower, Atn

Name: Devlos

Population: 1,000,000,000

Provinces: Kernowiyak, Exekyaj, Penfrithen, Drakat, Xyn

Capital: Plikynja, Krn

Places of Interest: Plikynja Fort, Krn

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