This article is about the Humans who live on Yggdrasil. For the Humans who remained on Earth, see Human (Earth).

Triad File #389Edit

Name: Human (Homo Sapiens Yggdrasiliensis)

Approximate Triad population: 23,000,000,000

Approximate Tyrant population: 38,000,000,000

Approximate neutral population: 500,000,000

Total population: 61,500,000,000

Homeworld: Yggdrasil (formerly Earth)

Average lifespan: 90 years

Notable individuals: King Theophilus XXVII, High Priestess Colquiatl, Emperor Yeng, Imperator Justinian, Great Jarl Njord, Princess Regent Ailla the Red, Baroness Eudoxia Strategopoula, Morwenna daughter of Tanwen


The Humans of Yggdrasil are much like the Humans of Earth, but have a longer lifespan and are generally taller because of their more advanced medical and genetic technology. They also have a greater magical potential than the average Terran, largely because of the mystical technology they discovered upon arriving on Yggdrasil.


About 1300 years ago, when the Torlan'Dahk began experimenting with a new, more efficient type of interuniversal travel that was suitable for use on the surface of planet, they tested the devices on the uninhabited world that would become Yggdrasil to avoid causing problems on Torlan. While the tests were successful at first, the rifts created by the devices could not be closed, causing them to create long-term gateways from Yggdrasil to its 'sibling' planet in Earth's universe, namely Earth itself. While the Torlan'Dahk retreated to their homeworld to attempt to find a way of solving this problem, the first Humans came through a rift. These first Humans were explorers under the leadership of Knut the Grey, who named the planet 'Yggdrasil', after the world tree from Norse mythology. Soon, Humans from all over Earth had settled on Yggdrasil and were beginning to form nations. Their technology advanced very quickly as there were already some remains from a long-dead civilisation which had previously inhabited Yggdrasil. Within time, the various nations developed space travel and joined the Triad, though some nations did so more willingly than others. About 500 years after creating the rifts, the Torlan'Dahk managed to close them. Tales of the rifts still exist on Earth in the modern day, though few believe them.

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