This article is about the Humans who live on Earth. For the Humans who left Earth see Human (Yggdrasilian).

Triad File #389Edit

Name: Human (Homo Sapiens)

Approximate Triad population: 4,360,865,428

Approximate Tyrant population: 2,256,345,232

Approximate neutral population: 3,382,789,340

Total population: 10 billion

Homeworld: Earth

Average lifespan: 81 years

Notable individuals: Kale Jones Vralon larx Lords of Earth


The Humans here are the base versions of the Yggdrasilians. they range from 4-6ft and have an average life span of 80 years, they can adapt to many places and range in many appearances where no human looks the same.


As with the history of Kale, Earth waswas subject to a severe event that Kale created when in the LHC. Because Kale was blasted into the dragons dimension he had not yet realised that Earth still existed  and he was several years  behind Earth so he had one major idea. save the humans from his mistake but little did he realise that the Triad had already swelled the humans into their ranks. 

The Nations of EarthEdit

Nowadays, there are 5 continents. Three being Triad, one being Tyrant and one of neutral humans.

Triad NationsEdit


Originally called America, it was the first continent to fall to Triad regime. At first it retained its name America but when high king Pandor got sick of this name he renamed it after his brother pandem whom he killed to take over Pandem. it holds the highest population of Triad on the whole of earth. 


This was orginally called Europe and Russia, it was the second continent to colonized after Pandem. it took three years for the humans to get used to the Triad. The Queen of england is still in power over the whole of Atlantis answering only to the Triad council.


Nothing is known of this land but it was called Asia before the joining of Earth and has become the dumping ground for the planets waste.

Army of EarthEdit

When the Triad first claimed Earth, it was because of the Mirco-fusion reactor in sol system so they added the only planet worth bringing into the Triad, Earth. soon they advanced many aspects of Earth but mostly to help build an army that would protect Earth if the Triad could not. The Humans on Earth soon had a fleet worthy of any planet and this was a great confusion as he was only gone for five years. at first Kale was angry at the Traid but then agreed that they work for the greater good.

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