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Name: Gallon Makrides

Age: 158 (At the beginning of First Contact)

Race: Mustaran, Enly

Allegiance: Tyrant Legions

Primary training: Politics

Secondary training: Finance

Current residence: Beven 

Previous residence: Mustar

Ship: The Fallen Aparaintis

Current status: High Tyrant Lord 


Once a true believer in the Triad, Gallon Makrides was the well respected, beloved and intelligent King of Mustar who overcame many social and political hurdles in his reign. While also serving as Sectin in the Triad during this time, however feeling corruption and other bad habits inside the organisation lead him to Tyrant Legions. Described as headstrong in politics and trade, while reducing unemployment by 70% thought the Mustaran Empire he is one among the best politicians Mustar has ever produced. He himself is calm, sharp and extremely cunning and loyal to what he feels is right. However, he is not great when it comes to leading his subjects into battle and leaves that up to others in his place, giving him a weak image to the peoples such as the Farins who feel a leader should be balanced between both politics and battle. Before he abdicated from the throne due to the result of trying to get the Mustar to join the Tyrant Legions he was married to Queen Amyfex, and has a daughter; Pricess Raylow whom he cherishes but his actions causes her to pubily denouce him as her father, another reason why Gallon fights the Triad for he thinks the Triad had turned her against him. He also has brother, Prince Chon who died whilst carrying out a Triad mission futher leading him to hate the organisation.


Born in Orion Auros, the capital of Mustar on July 16th 1858, Gallon was entiled to the Mustaran throne from birth, as he was the first son of King Axie II and Queen Jean. He was given the best education from private tutors and was seen early on in his teenhood that he had a keen intreast in poltics and was very intelligent in that field, and compined with a natural abillity to solve social problems, by his 25th birthday his father allowed him to take over royal duties concerned with the crown. And again by his 30th he became the Head of Race for the Enlys after a crushing victory election, the first royal family member to hold the title in over 400 years and held the title untill his kingship. During his time as the Head of Race, he manged to reduce Enly unemployment by 30% using experimental techniques which he would later use when he became King. Its around this time Gallon met his future wife, Amyfex. 

In 1901 his father passed away due to a heart failure, and Gallon was coronated on June 23rd and was forced to step down as the Enly Head of Race but his new position as King allowed him to make chances thoughout his Empire and worked closely with his government to bring about a new golden age for his people. But Gallon soon found out that the role of King of the Mustarans was not all politics, for in 1905 a very advanced Demon ship entered Mustaran space and the surrounding fleets where unable to stop it landing troops in the outreaches of Orion Auros before it was destroyed and the invading army began a seige of the city. This tested Gallon abillity to lead his people in battle, and traditonally it was the King that gave the orders on how to conduct the battle, and against the advice from his generals and best tactitions Gallon did not sally forth to meet the Demons in open battle with the city guard but wait for Farin renforcement from Faria, which would take a day to mobilise and reach the city. And in that time the Demons began bombarding the city with powerful magic and seige artillary casuing extensive damage to the city and the surrounding areas and even reducing the entire market and massive parts of the space deport sectors to rubble, which would reduce the Mustaran economy by half due to the importance of Orion Auros as a trade hub with not just the rest of the empire but the universe. By the time the Farin reforcement arrived the city and destroyed the emcamped Demon army, the capital was in a huge need of repair, and added in with the death toll many blamed Gallon for not taking the Demons out in the first place, showing he was not the perfect leader many had come to believe and named the day 'The Bombardment of Orion Auros'. This also gave many other spices an outlook that if the Mustarans could not defeand themselves from a petty invasion, and asked could they still defeand the Triad effcently?

1996 January 21st, his first and only child was born, Princess Raylow whom he said upon her birth that she has her mother's looks and soon his intelligence. And was seen much in these years that his fatheraly love for her was evident and many praised him for manging to keep a empire running and rasing a daughter.   

By 2005, Gallon was beloved by his people even with the destruction of Orion Auros, yet however he himself had come to the conclusion that the Triad in reccent years had become too corrupt to be worth defending along with other acts such as placing trade sanctions on goods leaving and entering different areas of Triad space annyed Gallon who believed in free trade, while also reducing the defense budget causing the unemployment in parts of the Mustaran empire to rise, which he had fought so hard to reduce. All of this along with a offer from Shan-dor the founder of the Tyrant Legions Gallon saw an oppotunity that may just improve the conditions of the people, even if it was to disliked by many. But just withdrawing from the Triad was a massive task and to do so he had to get the unanimously get the agreement of the three Heads of Race but when confronted they refused, and threatened to denounce him if he tried to do such an act. So he became desprate and hatched a plan to kill and resurrect and control the Heads of Race using the staff of Jun Tau. To get the staff he made a deal with the staff's owner Vularick, to spread the rumors of the powerful staff and get into Triad hands where he was the officaly allowed to look at it without raising suspicion in exchange he give Vularick noble status and continue without investigation his experiments. However, Gallon's plan was foiled by Ras'lion Gond, Radon Temporum-Drakus, Alayna Kurinav and Nagaon who found about the plot and foiled it by informing the Heads of Race and replacing them with decoys. 

Once the news went public, Gallon was asked to step down as King but not before he adressed the empire asking to go with him to the Tyrant Legions, and just under a quater of people joined him with and took 14 planets and 20 colonies with them and made his home on Beven.  



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