"If they want to hurt you, they will have to survive having their skull smashed in first."

Triad file: # 139042[1]Edit

Name: Eskyriax Godhater

Date of birth: MP2 753

Race: Shargaroth

Allegiance: Torlan, Ancient Triad (Triad's Eye)

Primary training: Protector

Current residence: Torlan'Dastron

Previous residence: Ignos, Unknown

Current status: Renegade


Very little is known about the Shargaroth named Eskyriax. He claims to be a descendant of the legendary Godslayer, but, due to the fact that Godslayer famously killed or corrupted all of its family, nobody believes Eskyriax's claim. As the founder of the Triad's Eye, he shares their beliefs and values, and is the oldest, bravest, strongest and most loyal of the group. He seems rather out of place in the Triad's Eye, as the other five members are much younger and more worldly than him. Nevertheless, he is often credited as the backbone of the group and is much appreciated by his comrades.

Eskyriax is extremely loyal and honourable, and is also very wise, making him seem like there is more to him than meets the eye. Eskyriax fights using a two-handed warhammer which he has named Gilkharra for an unknown reason. Like the other Triad's Eyes, Eskyriax rarely kills his enemies, though he is not above threatening to do so. He is easily twice as tall as a Human, making him an incredibly fearsome opponent.


Eskyriax's known history is mostly blank, apart from the fact that he worked in the Magmarian town of Ignos as a university lecturer in philosophy and was among the survivors when Ignos was destroyed. He has since founded the Triad's Eye and fights to rid the Triad of corruption and return it to what it once was. There is some evidence of his serving in the Triad military before he went to Ignos, though why and for how long is unknown.

Interactions with other charactersEdit


"'Our fates are bound together. From this day, we fight together until the Triad is pure."

Eskyriax and Velgor share a bond of mutual respect for one another. They share the same values and are honoured to be allies of each other.

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