Triad file: # 689011Edit

Name: Eleni Gzan-Drai

Date of Birth: IP3 20, Day 306

Race: Drakan (Djan-Zen)

Allegiance: Triad

Primary training: Telekinesis

Secondary training: Stealth

Current residence: Triad HQ

Previous residence: Djan-Zen'Tos

Current status: Seltrun, Active


Eleni is one of Anx Rako's apprentices. She desperately wants to be a successful Seltrun, especially as she is being taught by one of the best of this age. As a result, she is a dedicated student with a bossy, condescending attitude, especially towards her team-mate Hao, who she sees as a rival as well as a friend.

Eleni has had difficult getting good training as there are few telekines at the academy, and it is not a very well-respected discipline there. This has only driven her to want to achieve even higher. Eleni, though lacking experience, can hold her own in a fight and enjoys finding imaginative uses for her telekinetic powers.


Eleni is the daughter of Universally renowned author Sau Gzan-Drai, but, despite her father's impressive credentials, was always more interested in becoming a Seltrun, especially after being saved by one during the Demonic incursions of IP3 29. She trained hard in the discipline of Telekinesis, a rather esoteric subject in Djan-Zen'Tos, and, because of her confidence and determination, was allowed into the Academy, where she was, along with Jiang Hao, assigned to Rako's team. She strives hard to impress her mentor and do as well as she can.

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