"Or Dragons, in the Terrans' tongue" Aiden to Radon.

Triad File #002Edit

Name: Drakanae

Approximate Triad population: 120,500,000,000

Approximate Tyrant population: 8,500,000,000

Approximate neutral population: 1,000,000,000

Total population: 130,000,000,000

Homeworld: Skarrabox (Pre-Godlayer), Skarrapraech (Current)

Average lifespan: 10,000 Years

Notable individuals: Radon Temporum-Drakus, Velgor Stelleriath (Hybrid), King Thoron, Shan-Dor Kalvieri

Main Language(s) (In order of use): Drakanian, Skarret,Coleopteran (Dead language)


Drakanae are large, quadripedal reptiloids that come in many shapes and sizes. Drakange are scaled though some have fur that grows over the scale layer and all can fly through use of wings or magic. Most can 'breathe fire' by spraying a highly flammable liquid which ignites on contact with oxygen. Their skeletons have a high carbon content, mainly in the form of naturaly occuring diamond and carbon fibre, making them highly resistant to damage and the high crystal content (ranging from 0.01 % in the phalanges to 87% in the sternum and ribcage) makes Drakanae natural mages.


The Drakanae are one of the oldest races in existence today and are one of the three races that founded The Triad. They are a polymorphic race who's 'tell' is generaly their unusual eye colour. They are prolific in the magical arts and are renowned for their wisdom and intelligence. The Drakanae are among one of the most technologically advanced races and are happy to share their tech with younger, less advanced races.

The Drakanae once had an expansive empire that covered most of their local group and included the entire Mont system. Most of the Drakanian empire gained independence during the First Intermitent Period  but remained allies of the Drakanae. The Drakanae are currently governed by either The Drakan Council, The Great Royal Indepenency of Magmare or The Four Djan-Zen Temple Lords.


Sometime during the First Main Period, the Drakanae established the Benevolent Free Empire, which covered most of their galactic local group. It reveloved around the three virtues of The Triad, but was eventually dissolved due to governmental tension on the homeworld and the gaining of independence of most of the planets. This prompted the formation of the Drakanian mornarchy which lasted until the death of King Thoron in the Third Intermitent Period. Due Magmare's and Djan-zen's separation from the main government some time prior to the dissolusion of the monarchy, the Drakanae now live under one of three governments.

Drakan SpeciesEdit

Kaios and Elaktunaer



Akaneri and Pumiki



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