Dark Kale

Dark Kale

"All magic comes at a price, my magic comes at this price" Kale before Shadow Form.

Shadowmagic is used by many beings, but Kale's magic turns upon his body turning him a shadow being of himself.Kale keeps his mind but his body and weapons change to more demonic powers.

Triad file: # 124812Edit

Name: Kale jones

Age: 22 (17 at lords of earth)

Race: Dragon-human hybrid (shadow)

Allegiance: P.A.B.A

Primary training : Shadow powers

Secondary training : Dual Dagger Tail 

Current residence: Dragon Halo

Previous residence : Earth

Ship : Voyager

Current status: Active


Dark Kale is the same as Kale but instead strips him of his physical form which in turns strengthens his shadow power but take away of the weakness of a physical form, he still keep his mind but people do tend to think he is evil because of the slight dark look of him.


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