"In the last seven centuries, the Tyrant Legions have grown in power, and the Triad has weakened. Why? Because their system is more efficient. If we are to have any hope of winning this war, we must become like them."

Triad file: # 11667Edit

Name: Cyros Emanon Invara

Date of birth: MP3 512

Race: Chaosye Drakange

Allegiance: The Triad

Primary training: Politics

Secondary training: Magic

Current residence: Triad HQ

Previous residence: Kiln

Current status: Sectin


Cyros Invara is one of the most powerful men in the Triad. As the Sectin for the Drakange Haleu, he has a massive influence over the Triad. Invara personally believes that the Tyrant Legions are a great threat to the Triad and that the Triad must do whatever is necessary to defeat them, even if it means adopting their techniques, defeating the Tyrants, then returning to the ways of the Triad. This conflicts with the beliefs of the Triad's Eye, who believe that, if the Triad is corrupted any further, there will be no return. Invara was a member of the Drakange royal family and that was the reason why he was a Sectin in the first place. After Thoron's death, he was re-elected as a Sectin, because, despite his controversial beliefs, he is still a great politician.

Invara is charismatic, intelligent, courageous and has total faith in himself and the Triad. He does not want to change the Triad's policies for his own selfish needs, like his colleague Eudoxia; he believes it is best for the Triad to change their ways in order to reign supreme once more. Invara is also the official High Arch-Mage of the Drakange Haleu, although his duties as a Sectin come first and he often appoints another to take care of his Arch-Magical affairs.


Cyros Invara was born in Kiln to Emanon and Sanadra Invara, who were both Drakange nobles, Emanon being a courtier for the King and Sanadra being the Royal Minister of Health. He grew up as an aristocrat and had a sheltered, comfortable early life. This meant that, as much as he wanted to, he found it difficult to understand the working classes and did not see how ridiculous monarchy really was. Invara has grown more knowledgeable since then and has accepted the abolition of the Drakange monarchy. He has tirelessly campaigned for the Triad to take better notice of the Tyrant threat. He first met the Triad's Eye six years ago and has developed a deep hatred for them, seeing them to be arrogant upstarts. Invara's prestige has grown recently as Shan-Dor's increased violence towards the Triad has proven him to be right about the Tyrant Legions.

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