"It is our right to rule. We have always been in power, and we should always be in power."

Triad file: # 128762Edit

Name: Eudoxia Strategopoula

Date of birth: IP3 1

Race: Human (Yggdrasilian)

Allegiance: The Triad, The Holy Imperium

Primary training: Politics

Current residence: Folkanopolis

Current status: Sectin


Eudoxia is one of the most powerful people in the Triad as she is the Sectin for the Holy Imperium. She was born into an Imperial noble family and was appointed Sectin by the Imperator himself. She is very power-hungry and relishes her role as a Sectin. She has been found working together with Arch-Mage Invara as she agrees with his ideas of reforming the Triad. However, while Invara just wants to defeat the Tyrant Legions then revert to the old ways, Eudoxia wants the Triad to be like the Tyrant Legions forever, as she knows it will shift more power to herself and her noble family. She backs this up by saying it is the 'divine right' of nobility to rule, although she actually is not at all religious and just wants more wealth and power for herself. This has the effect of making her alliance with Invara very uneasy, as Invara's goals are more noble than hers.

Eudoxia has had little more combat training than the average Triad citizen, but is a fairly experienced sharpshooter.


Eudoxia was born in Folkanopolis to Panterius and Styliane Strategopoula, both of whom were nobility, and as a result has had a very rich and comfortable life. She was chosen to be a Sectin eight years ago, and has since then made many notable contributions to the Triad. Eudoxia is the Sectin with the most recorded vetoes of Conglomeration decisions. She has developed a particular hatred for the Triad's Eye since she first encountered them six years ago, as she knows that they are a significant threat to her plans to reform the Triad. She has often advised the Sectinate to take action against them but normally meets with opposition from the others, sometimes even Invara.

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