"We are bound now. I am yours and you are mine, now let's go and strike fear into our enemies' hearts."


Little is known about Arunya before Radon meets her except that she is the spirit of fear. She is bound to Radon in a way that none, not even Arunya, can understand. This bond is so deep that it affects Radon and Arunya's feelings for each other, making them inseperable.

Interactions with the groupEdit


"You married your sword?!"

Arunya is actively hostile towards Andro during their first meeting but slowly accepts his position in Radon's circle of friends. Although she doesn't like him, Arunya respects Andro and his attempts to put thier past behind them.


"Whoa, you got that? Lucky."

Of all of Radon's friends, Arunya likes Ras the most, claiming that it was a difficult desicion choosing Radon as both were very eligible candidates. When questioned about her choice she said that it was because of the fact that Ras was already taken.


"She is evil and must be destroyed."

Although Arunya has no quarrel with Velgor, he believes that, due to her bloody past, Arunya must be destroyed. Such accusations have almost led to his death. But after Arunya saves his life, Velgor rethinks his opinions.

The Cygnus CrewEdit

The Cygnus Crew originaly found Arunya alien but quickly warmed to her fiery and friendly nature.

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