"I have seen things that would turn your hope to ash"

[Aiden was born into a low family on Terra and after showing great magical and military promise was ushered into the Terran Academy where he was betrayed and punished by his "betters"]

Triad file: # [091014]Edit




Race: Terran'

Allegiance: None

Primary training (if applicable): Combat in magic and stealth

Secondary training (if applicable):hacking and technology

Current residence: Drifter

Previous residence (optional):Terra

Ship (if applicable):The Kal'el

Current status:-missing INFOMATION-


As a child of poor wealth and adoption Aiden was never allowed to take another families name as one had already abandoned him. 22 years later he had pushed his way out of the dirt and the murk which festered in the 'lower city'. when he had first enrolled in the Academy, he was pushed away from others and thus began his long road to graduation. Although he had a tough childhood Aiden was forced to become a callous and cold man. His interactions between the higher born was less than happy and clapping. For a time he found friends and people who learnt to respect his prowess and command and soon he had a better than average life up until his ship was attacked and killed most if not all of his friends. That's where his story truly begins, with death.

Interactions with other charactersEdit

None as of yet.......

Character developmentEdit

Aiden is in all accounts a new project. I don't want to be the same dark hero type that always wins. Aiden is going to be strong yes but he will also be weak in areas that could kill him. I just hope he turns out the way I want him to.


No this is your doing. You stabbed me in the back and finally allowed me to see the true face of corruption"

I'm bringing a group together, to face the on-coming storm

they're dead, they're all dead

is it just me or do you feel a sense of ultimate doom right through this door, oh neither do i...heh.