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Currently we are using a temporary background. I need someone to design a new background and send it to me for checking and uploading.

Your resident Mage

Radon Temporum-Drakus

P.S. Any unauthorised changes to this section will result in revoking of admin status

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The History of the Galaxy



Latest activity

  • edit Radon Temporum-Drakus
    edited by Kgreen13 diff
    Summary: Stuff that needed doing
  • edit The Triadnet
    edited by Kgreen13 diff
    Summary: Catagories:
  • edit The Triad
    edited by Kgreen13 diff
  • new page Iehashtovorkian(language)
    created by Kgreen13
    New page: Common Name: Iehashtovorkian Native Name: Tselkiv Place of Origin: Karpathia Language Type: Base Spoken By: Iehashtovorkians, Core Trading Worlds...
  • edit Enlyan
    edited by Kgreen13 diff
  • new page Enlyan
    created by Kgreen13
    New page: Common Name: Enlyan Native Name: Unystav
  • new page Drakanian
    created by Kgreen13
    New page: Common Name: Drakanian Native Name: Drakanage Place of Origin: Skarrabox(Dialect), Skarrapraesh(Language) Language Type: Base -> Derived from...
  • new page Misc
    created by Kgreen13
    New page: Languages Edit Drakanian Enlyan Iehashtovorkian
  • edit The Olympian
    edited by Kgreen13 diff
    Edited the section: Background
    Summary: Spelling Grammar and Lore update (The Dragon Halo doesn't exist anymore)
  • new page The Olympian
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Triad file: Olympian Edit Name:Olympian Made by:Terran Republic Model: 7-X Destroyer type Z Engines:Zero-Point A.I: E.V.I Armament: Zero-point...
    Summary: New ship aholes

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