Triad File #107Edit

Name: Aelvorian

Approximate Triad population: 140,000 (There are many resistance movements on Aelvorius which are not factored into this population count)

Approximate Tyrant population: 42,000,000,000

Approximate neutral population: 35,000

Total population: 42,000,000,000

Homeworld: Aelvorius

Average lifespan: 136 years

Notable individuals: Benevolent Leader Khaeriel, Sirekka Kinian


Aelvorians are roughly humanoid in shape, but have elongated, serpentine heads and tails. Their hands and feet are clawed. Aelvorians have scaly skin, the colour of which ranges from almost-white to very dark red. The males (who are on average 1.65m tall) are slightly larger than the females (who are on average 1.58m tall) and sport short, sometimes colourful crests which they spend a lot of time decorating.


The Aelvorian race originated on the planet of Aelvorius, which remains the capitol of their empire. The Aelvorian empire currently contains 23 habitable planets, many of which are not yet distinct societies, as well as 89 uninhabitable planets which are used mainly to collect raw materials. The empire has greatly expanded itself in the last few years under the rule of Khaeriel, the Triad Inner Circle member turned Tyrant.