Triad file: # 139044Edit


Name: Addaon Sarlis Ennayad

Date of birth: IP3 21

Race: Magmaren Drakange (Magma Dragon)

Allegiance: Triad's Eye

Primary training: Duelling

Secondary training: Stealth

Current residence: Torlan'Dastron

Previous residence: Ignos


Addaon is a handsome, charismatic Drakan who is well-spoken and persuasive. When the Triad's Eye need somebody to experience a change of heart, or when they need something announced publicly, he is the first person they turn to as the rest of the group are somewhat lacking in charisma. Addaon is also the Triad's Eye's spy, infiltrator and assassin, as he has trained hard in the ways of sneaking around.

In battle, Addaon prefers to avoid anything supernatural, relying on his strength, speed and pistols to win the day. At closer ranges, Addaon can also be found using a rapier to keep his enemies at bay, though he excels in short-range firefights. 

Addaon's populariy with the public has served to enlarge his ego dramatically, and he loves to challenge himself (and others), always seeking out difficult fights and missions. This had brought his life in jeopardy many times, and the rest of the Triad's Eye are constantly afraid of losing him.


Addaon was born in Ignos, the son of Ithar and Solana Ennayad. His mother was captain of the Ignos militia and his father was vice-captain, so they were instrumental in aiding in the evacuation of Ignos. Miraculously, Ithar survived, though he was badly wounded, both physically, at the loss of his left arm, and mentally, at the loss of his wife. Addaon was one of the first citizens to reach the evacuation spacecraft, as his parents bought him time to get there. When Ithar recovered from his wounds, he trained Addaon to be a great fighter like his father, and Addaon more than lived up to Ithar's expectations. When Eskyriax Godhater put together the Triad's Eye, both Addaon and Ithar were eager for Addaon to join, and he has been instrumental in the group's successes.

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